E.G.R – Dealing with 35 Difficult People.

$150.00 per 12 months

Allow me to introduce you to…

  1. The Gossip
  2. The Unconfident Newbie
  3. The Perfectionist
  4. The Perfectionist Boss
  5. The Petty Bureaucrat
  6. The Idea Thieves
  7. The Know it all
  8. The Expert and Intellectual
  9. The Egotist
  10. The Angry Types
  11. The Dictator
  12. The Control Freak
  13. The Rager
  14. The Bully
  15. The Hostile sniper
  16. The Put down artists
  17. The Insensitive or Rude
  18. The Manipulators
  19. The No Verbal Filter
  20. The Sarcastic
  21. The Unintentional Credit Grabbers
  22. The Monopolisers
  23. The Narcissists
  24. The Victim
  25. The Super Agreeable
  26. The Shy Person
  27. The Resentful
  28. The Passive aggressive
  29. The No Person
  30. The Moody
  31. The Negative
  32. The Indecisive
  33. The Complainer
  34. The Persistent Questioner
  35. The Procrastinator


We all know one; you have probably worked with them.

Meet 35 of the most “colorful”

We will introduce you to 35 of the most talked about, looked at and painfully remembered people you are likely to meet in your workplace, your sports team or your Christmas family gatherings.

They may have been a source of ulster breeding frustration, or they could be just that person whose behavior never fails to both intrigue and amuse you. Either way, learning how to simply and effectively manage them will have you becoming the most talked about, looked at and wonderfully remembered person people are ever likely to meet.

How to finally deal with them!

35 videos dealing with 35 people. Each video gives you 5 quick tips for each person.

You will learn just what you need to do to finally make life easier at work, home or at the club.