What If The Course Doesn’t Work for Me?

We are so confident in the value that this course will bring to your life that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. The very fact that you are thinking seriously about doing this course tells me you are a player not a spectator, I am pretty sure you will get more than you currently realise from this course.

I’ve Tried Goal Setting Before And It Didn’t Work For Me

This course will introduce you to principles uncovered by science and accademic research. When it comes to Goal Setting most people will only ever be exposed to a degree of encouragement and some basic advice but will never be exposed to something that is as comprehensive as MyGoals. If you play at 100%, you will get real value, of that we are confident.

I Already Set Goals, Why Should I Invest In This Course?

You are absolutely right, you do set goals! As a matter of fact, everyone on the planet does. If you brush your teeth, you set a goal, if you made breakfast you set a goal, you get the point. This is more than just Goal Setting, MyGoals includes a deeper understanding of our drives and motivations, how to generate momentum and build habits that sustain long term commitment. This will take your current goal setting muscles and develop them into competitor form.

Do I Really Need To Spend Money On MyGoals  To Achieve My Dream Life?

I guess the real question is, “Is my own personal life performance worth the price of this course”? We find there are people who see the cost of the investment but never consider the cost of either indecision or small thinking around saving money. We find that the money saved by not buying this course will be spent on something else that isn’t going to your life, but merely sustain it…food, gas bills, entertainment etc.

You will have access to over 20 years of leadership and research including segement from our conferences all of which you can use to your own personal advanage. The cost of the course is a massive savings on the research and time you’d need to spend to discover the material for yourself.

OK, so if you’re ready to have your best year ever, then click HERE.

Study Skills

Why did we build Study Skills?

We have been delivering Effective Study techniques within universities for a number of years, we were then approached by HPSNZ to teach “time poor” athletes some quick skills to help them in their academic pursuits.

Secondly, and more importantly, we are both fathers of school children, and are connected to the educational demand placed on teachers and students. We just want to play our part in helping teachers, parents and kids.

What is in Study Skills?

·      46 on Study Skills

·      15 on Memory Skills

·      12 on Speed Reading

PDFs – Downloadable worksheets on every topic

Whiteboard instruction’s – Videos show how each of the models work in a whiteboard format

How do I get Study Skills?

It is an “on line” programme, it is viewed online and purchased online.

Who is Study Skills for?

Students and Parents.

Who is currently using Study Skills?

High Performance Sports NZ and their Carded Athletes, also Pathway to Podium athletes.

“Initial feedback for the athletes was excellent both in terms of content and your presentation style”

Christina Jacklin | Athlete Life Advisor | Waikato

High Performance Sport New Zealand

Information for schools

What is the cost to our school?

There is no cost to your school at all.

What do we have to supply?
Nothing, we supply the product, and the promotional brochure that you can either send out to parents or put on to your news letter and Facebook page.

What do we need to do?
Simply send out the brochure we have made available to all of your school parents, they can decide what they want to do with it.

What is our responsibility if there are technical problems?
None at all, we handle all issues related to the product

How are people expected to pay?
They simply buy Study Skills on line.

Why are you only charging $49.95 for a product normally worth $230?
There are a lot of parents out there that want the best for their kids, but can’t afford the best, we want to offer a solution to that problem.

What’s the best way to reach every parent?
That’s best answered by you, you have the relationship with the children and their parents, we trust that you will see the value in this programme for them and do what’s best for them.

How do I get to look closer at the product?
We will set up a special access coupon for you, you can jump in and have a good look around.

What do we need to do next?
I will follow up in time and if you feel this could be beneficial to the kids, we will send you everything you need to send out emails and furnish your school news letter, we will also supply links that you can put onto your Facebook page.

12 Weeks to Team Transformation

Why did we build 12 Weeks?

We have been delivering Leadership Development in high velocity environments internationally for 20 years now. See more here. Overwhelmingly we find good and hardworking people promoted into leadership at every level who struggle with the complexities of leadership and in particular “Team Leadership”. It is our desire to enable these people to do well in the basics.

It’s amazing how little people often need to really get confident and motivated in their leadership. This course gives people a structure that they have often been unable to acquire. My experience is that people will get excited just by the thought of the journey.

What is in 12 Weeks?

Almost 20 videos, some of them are “up close and personal” where we explain a technique and tool and other videos are of our most recent conferences in New Zealand.

PDFs – Downloadable worksheets on every topic

How do I get the course?

It is an “on line” programme, it is viewed online and purchased online.

Who is 12 Weeks for?

Anyone in any form of Team Leadership. You will learn in a sequential fashion the 12 essentials to rock solid team leadership.

Who is currently using 12 Weeks?

It is being used in Health, Industry and the Commercial sector with great success

What’s the best way to use it?

The idea is to do it in “steps” (rather than necessarily in weeks) that way people can work through it at a pace that suites their own contextual demands. You watch that weeks videos, download the PDFs and then go and run your team meeting. It’s really that simple.

Why do I only get the course for 6 months?

You should be able to complete the whole course within that time easily, we don’t want people to make the purchase and then park it in their “must do” folder and then never do it. You have 26 weeks to see team transformation and to grow personally. Your good for this!

What support do I have?

I have been advised to not do the following, BUT I like to make myself available to take calls for the first month, just to give people a sense that there is backup and clarification on hand should they feel they need it. I really want you to be great at this! For those off shore, I can email and/or skype. Im here for you.

Printing my PDFs

The best way to print the PDfs is to simply print directly from the browser.

More of the technical stuff

How secure is the site in terms of payment and security for the use of credit cards?

3eleader have a special commitment to you, our subscriber, about the safety and privacy of your data. Respect for the client and the confidentiality of your information is very important to us. Therefore, you, the subscriber, have the guarantee that your information is safely stored. All information passing through our database is automatically encoded by an encryption system itself.

The site is giving me an error or not working properly, what should I do?

We want to our users to have the best possible experience while using our site. If you find an error or bug, please send an email to contact@3eleader.com to report the error. Please include what browser you used, and our technical team will correct the error as soon as possible.

I forgot my login or password, what should I do?

Use the “Forgot my password” at: http://www.3eleadercafe.com/wp-login.php or send an email to contact@3eleader.com and we will send your login information to the email you used to sign up for the online training program.

I am having trouble viewing the videos, what should I do?

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What is the ideal Internet speed for navigating this website?

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 Are there any hidden costs?


Do I have to commit to any contracts?

No! Your credit card will be billed automatically on a month-to-month basis.

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact us on: admin@3eleader.com informing us your login and password.