Lesson Curriculum

Introduction to Pegging: A Technique used by Memory Grandmasters
This is where you get real “bang for your buck”. Pegging is a fundamental to effective memorization. You can launch into this pegging series with a guarantee that the following pegging techniques will completely change the game for you.
Pegging the Body List
One of the most powerful technuqies for remembering large numbers of items. With this techniqu you will be able to remember in excess of 1000 items. Used by some of te best memory experts in the world.
Pegging Principles
Technique: Visual Pegging system
Perfect for remembering a random list of approximately 10 items that you will be able to recall either later or immediately.
Technique: Pegging Rhyme system
Are you trying to memorize a list? One of the best ways to remember words in order is by using a rhyming system. By associating each item on your list with a rhyming word or phrase, you’ll find memorizing the list in order surprisingly simple
Technique: Memory Palace
This technique is used to deliver speaches, recite history or to simply remember a list of items. It is one of the most well know and has been used by people like Nelson Mandela. This is very powerful and very effective.
Making the phonetic system
For those who want to learn a system that will last for the rest of your life and will help you remember up to 100 - 1000 items. Customize this system make it your own.
Using the Phonetic system
Principle: Maximiser F.E.E.L
Phonetic System Numbers 1-10
Phonetic System Numbers 11-19
Phonetic System Numbers 20-29
Phonetic System Numbers 30-39
Phonetic System Numbers 40-49
Phonetic System Numbers 50-59
Phonetic System Numbers 60-69
Phonetic System Numbers 70-79
Phonetic System Numbers 80-89
Phonetic System Numbers 90-100